The Simple Difference

Credit card companies charge 3% + $0.30 per donation
Knox is just $0.18
Knox has saved nonprofits $ in credit card fees

Pick a nonprofit.

Choose your bank.

Donate with Knox.

3% is a huge number.

$250 million per year huge. Don't nonprofits deserve better than that?

Cents, Not Percents

Rather than taking a percentage off of every donation, our service only charges $0.18 per transaction…meaning your dollar is going further to your cause.

Additionally, any donation under $2.00 is contributed at no cost to the charity.

How safe and secure is it?

Knox does not store your username or password, and never will. We also don't send any of your information to third parties.

Knox adds an additional layer of security on top of of your online banking, making it the safest way to pay online.

What is Knox?

Knox is a payment method which allows you to safely and securely make donations/purchases by simply logging into your bank.

How does it work?

You own your bank account as much you own your cell phone number, all we do is give you the freedom to access it without the middlemen of Visa or Mastercard.

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